Leah Kerr wins SILVER in Luxembourg


After a successful Championship in March at the Dutch Open with Leah Kerr winning Bronze.  Team Extreme Ireland set out to improve on their score.

The Team of 3 x Players Leah Kerr, Zoey Kerr, CC McCann and Coach Brian Kerr met for the Aircoach to Dublin Airport on Thursday 8th June to begin their journey to Luxembourg. 8 hours later the Team landed in Luxembourg. Beautiful City with beautiful weather. But best thing about Luxembourg is public transport is FREE.

Friday Team had light breakfast as weighin was soon.  So down to the Coque Arena for a light sweaty session to loosen the legs out and keep ontop of the weighin.  With 1000 plus players weighing in things soon heated up.  All three players made weight easy. So off into town for recovery. Not too long in the sun as fight day Saturday. Draw came out late Friday night so preparations for fights and other players jobs could be sorted.

FIRST fight was Zoey Kerr against the Dutch Open Gold medallist from Belgium. Tough first round but Zoey came back in second round taking the fight to her Belgium opponent. Losing the fight but earning the respect from the Belgium Team. Upset at the result but a performance to be proud of. Belgium player went onto to win Silver getting beat by point in last 3 seconds.

CC McCann showed a gutsy strong performance against a more experienced French player. This being CC 3rdTournament to date.  Still getting used to the nerves before the match but overall a strong performance.

Last but not least Leah Kerr who took Bronze at Dutch Open in March was drew up against a good Spanish player in quarter finals. Zoey and CC both helped Leah prepare for the match and from the word go Leah stormed the Spanish player with head shots causing Spain to stop early in the first round.  Semi Final was against a more cagey Norwegian player who tried to move and counter. Leah played a smart game and picked her points winning first round. Norway came out in second round and took lead and spoilt rest of round taking second. Last round Leah stepped up a gear landing a couple nice head shots taking lead and then extending the lead. The girl from Norway seemed to give up in the end putting Leah into Final against Germany.  Germany was blocking well as Leah applied the pressure. Eventually scoring Leah took first round. Second round the German girl changed tactics causing Leah a few difficulties. German took second round. All down to last round both players came out kicking and clashing. Spoiling each other’s fight. Leah took lead in last 30 seconds. Keeping the pressure on when the referee stepped in and give Leah two warnings putting her behind in last 8 seconds. Coach Brian says was poor judgement from the referee. Germany girl just avoided the remained of the fight beating Leah for gold by one point.  So so close Leah upset but another G1 medal under her belt, gaining her Olympic Ranking points going towards Los Angelies 2028. A long day it was with the Team rising for breakfast at 6am, Zoey first fight approx 9.30am and Leahs Final at 8.35pm. 

The Team are looking a 3rd G1 medal before the end of the year but are looking support / sponsorship to help them on their journey. This is an expensive hobby but the rewards are amazing.  We thank all our Sponsors to date including Kolormaster, Springfield Autos, Impact NI, Complete Bathrooms & Kitchens, Eye Clinic Lisburn and Mo’s Turkish Barbers.  The Team based in Blackstaff Mill on Springfield Road welcome anyone of any age interested in keeping fit or competing.  TaeKwonDo is the Korean Art of Self Defence which has been an Olympic Sport since 1988. Unable to get funding from NI Sports Council we desperately need your help.

Coach Brian says it good to see the Team getting back to its way as things have been tough since Covid but says things are starting to look up. The future is bright the future is GOLD!!

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