GOLD in Riga

A Team of 6 set out for Riga included 3 players. Zoey, Leah and Ethan. Travelling on Thursday with weighin Friday.

Fight day Saturday. With Zoey up first she showed strength guts and speed. Lost first round but won second. Going to third round with Zoey leading 9-8 with 2seconds on clock. Ref stops fight and warns Zoey costing her match. Totally uncalled for.Disgusted at decision coach complained but on deaf ears.

Zoey Kerr kicking out in Riga

Ethan up next but Team hadn’t settled after what just happened with Zoey.Ethan scored well first round losing on points. Second round opponent was strong and experienced. Ethan will live to battle another day

Last but not least was Leah. Into final against strong Finland player. Lost first round close. But came back and won next two rounds well with a brilliant win. Leah takes Gold.

And so the celebrations started!!!